Sport has the amazing capacity to bring people together, as demonstrated by the response to the recent tragic events in Paris, yet divide people at the same time. Why do we support our team through thick and thin? Why do we despise other teams?

Sport is a mirror of life – we have hopes and aspirations – we have great successes and we have the incredible lows of defeat.
We also have winners, unsung heroes and cheats.
For me, following my team includes the full spectrum of emotions – anticipation, excitement, joy and the pain and anguish of yet another defeat. After each defeat I utter the well worn phrase ‘Never Again’.

But somehow, come the next game, I’m back up there – full of belief that today will be our day. That long awaited win.

And when it is the feeling is as good as it gets!!

All the emotions rolled into one

And we go again……………………..

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