Someone once said to me ‘Don’t let others judge you’ Whilst their advice was well intended I’m not sure it was truly accurate.

We cannot prevent others from judging us but what we have total control over is how we choose to react to their judgements.

Of course a lot depends on the circumstances in which judgement is being made;

  • Competition (sport, for example)
  • Exams
  • Job interview or work performance appraisal

All these are formal environments where one would expect honest and constructive feedback that one can choose to act on, or at the very least, evaluate.

The other types of judgement occur as we go about our daily lives, and much of it is baseless – influenced by the prejudices, false beliefs and insecurities of others.

As I’ve already said, you cannot stop others making these judgements about you. The most important thing is that you maintain a firm belief in yourself.

For many years I’ve been subjected to criticism, opinions stated as fact and pure resentment about my abilities and my goals. In the early days I really struggled to cope with this and my self belief and self worth took a significant nosedive. I felt and believed I should live my life according to the needs and beliefs of others.

However as I’ve grown older (and hopefully wiser!!) I’ve re-learned the belief I had in myself, gradually step by step. It’s been a long and at times painful journey but I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m able to react appropriately to unwelcome judgements made by others.

I’m no longer interested in what others are saying and thinking about me – in fact I find it quite flattering that some people want to dedicate so much of their own lives to concerning themselves about my life!!

All the while I’m just getting out there in the world, aiming high and focusing on my goals, and gradually, step by step, I’m moving forward.

As they say – haters keep hating – but I’m too busy trying to be awesome to care.

Thanks for reading – now go out there and make yourself awesome!!

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