A Worryers Tale

Why do I worry so much? So often?

Why am I always so anxious?

I worry that there’s nothing to worry about at times. I want to learn to let go – but I can’t.

Worry strips me of my enjoyment of life, like being naked in a field of thorns.

Restless sleep and tired days makes life a chore where it should be a joy.

Why can’t I just learn to relax and chill a little? Just once in a while would be bliss

I really envy those people who make life look effortless

Worry, fear, anxiety are like a paralysis of the soul. Draining energy like a leaking bucket – do I deserve to be punished like this?

I don’t deserve a good, decent life until I can conquer this affliction – but how? and when?

I must be pathetic living my life like this, but it’s all I know and am used to.

Who’s going to help me turn it all around?

It has to be me. I have to take responsibility for making it happen. Oh how wonderful it would be to wake tomorrow with the sun at the centre of my soul

It can be done; people can turn their life around. With purpose, positive energy and a real desire to better themselves. It takes time and it’s never going to be an overnight miracle but by focusing on each day as it comes, looking for small incremental improvements and building on these, change does occur. It’s about taking personal responsibility and ownership.

I should know – I’ve been there and don’t intend to go back.